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This is a wonderful experiment conducted by Hans Jenny in what he called Cymatics. Which is a study of Wave phenomena.

Here is the web link http://www.unitedearth.com.au/sound.html for this article and I would like to copy and paste it here so that it is not lost to mankind. It is not a copyright violation as this is done here for informational purpoases only and preserve this sort of information as it may be lost due to web hosting or site domain issues.

Hans Jenny and Cymatics – The Study of Wave Phenomena

Hans Jenny Hans Jenny (1904 – 1972) In the 1960s and ’70s Swiss engineer and medical doctor Hans Jenny performed experiments using sound frequencies on various materials such as water, sand, dust, liquid plastic and milk. Dr Jenny placed the material on a metal plate attached to a crystal oscillator which was controlled by a frequency generator capable of producing a wide range of vibrations.  He then filmed and photographed what happened on the plate.

He coined the term Cymatics (the study of wave-form phenomena), which is derived from the Greek ‘kyma’ meaning ‘wave’, and ‘ta kymatica’ meaning ‘matters pertaining to waves’.

Water pattern 1
Cymatic water pattern 1
Water pattern 2
Cymatic water pattern 2
Cymatic sand pattern 1
Cyamtic sand pattern 1
Cymatic sand pattern 2
Cymatic sand pattern 2

The first two images are of water. The higher the frequency, the more complex the pattern.
The vibrations are strongest in the dark areas within the material on the plate. For example in sand pattern 1, the sand falls into those areas where there is little or no vibrations, thus making the unique patterns shown.

These next images were taken from moving film. Please remember that the substance is constantly oscillating and not in a static state. It is interesting to note that even when the plate was tilted the material would not fall off but would continue to oscillate just as before – seemingly defying gravity. When the frequency was shut off the material would immediately fall to the floor.

Milk in motion Milk in motion
Liquid plastic looking like a jelly fish or cake
Iron filings looking like an eye
Iron filings looking very much like an eye

Below is a picture of the Sri Yantra (mandala image 1). This is probably one of the most famous mandalas. You can find it in thousands of temples in India and the Far East. This is the pattern that the ‘OM‘ is said to represent. Or rather, this is the image that the ancient Rishis envisioned when meditating on the ‘OM‘.

Dr Jenny invented a machine called a Tonoscope which allowed a human voice to vibrate the plate directly.  He had a voice sing ‘OM‘ into a microphone and the result can be seen in mandala image 2.

Incidentally, regarding the sand paintings of the Navajo Indian – there was a time in the distant past, so legend tells us, when the Navajo shaman made beautiful pictures in the sand merely by speaking to it.

Mandala 'Sri Yantra'
MandalaSri Yantra‘ – image 1
Mandala made by voice singing 'OM'
MandalaSri Yantra‘ made by human voice 
singing ‘OM‘ – image 2
Navajo sand painting
Navajo sand painting

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The Conch with an ‘AUM’

Sri Gurubhyoh Namah

Devis ways are indeed mysterious !

It happened when I was on a vacation in Aruba, a Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela. During our stay there we were right by the beach and I enjoyed walking on its shores every morning. There was a small track that leads in and out of the shoreline, bordered by cactus and wild thorn bushes. I used walk about a mile and do a few situps and pushups in the blazing sun ( about 80 by then ( 8.00 am) and head back along the shore doing my chants.
The shoreline is not all sand and beach. Aruba is an island that has a lot of hard coral that lines the shorelines. So we see parts where the ocean just ends up slamming against the coral rocks on the shore, with gaping holes where the sea water foams up like geysers when the ocean surges in.


So I started one day by sitting and doing my mantras in a secluded spot and noticed that there were hundreds of conch like shells, broken or embedded in the track.
So I thought it might be a good idea to sit nearer to the ocean, with a conch, offer my mantras into the conch with sand or sea water and then offer that conch into the ocean as my offering.

Slowly I made modifications and improvements listening to my inner voice. I started now sitting closer to the ocean almost right on the coral rocks themselves and using the seawater that surges in – to offer as “tarpanam” into the conch that I would select for the day.
Then I realized, wow..Goddess Lakshmi came from the ocean, so I will do the Sri Suktam.
Then I also started doing pancha upachara puja to Ganapathy and Devi at the end of it all.
One day some strangers walked by while I was doing my worship and I decided to change my spot.

I found another shaded area that had a peculiar formation. The opening in the coral rocks was like the inverted triangle — a “Yoni”. Sea water comes in from this triangle and that is the water that I used for worship !

I also started placing a leaf under the conch, using sand as akshatas, using small sea shells as aabharanam(jewels), wild flowers as pushpam, wild berries as Naivedyam, and used small leaf as uttarani to do tarpanam into the conch. For karpuram I used a small leaf on which I placed small white stone and invoked the sun into it, – that was my karpuram(camphor). All these were prompted from deep within me and there was this force that kept guiding me to do all this stuff everyday gradually improving this puja.

Then the miracle happened. I was walking with Vrinda one day and we picked up a conch and there was a small inscription on it. It had an AUM on it beautifully inscribed. I was extemely overjoyed to find it. I was about to put that in my bag, but I thought that it would be just incredible to offer it into the ocean as an offering to the Devi. So I took some pictures of it and after my puja offered it into the triangle(yoni) after the puja.
The grand finale was the last day of my stay. I did all my bija mantras that Aiya gave us, Lalitha Sahasranaamam, Khadga Maala, Chandi Navakshari, Sri Suktam, Durga Suktam etc either as tarpanam or offering sand into the conch depending on whether sea water flowed in at that point or not. I also had the inspiration to draw the basic Sri Yantra on the sand to place the leaf.
Mother played this wonderfully subtle game of suddenly sending in a huge wave just enough to drench the conch as I am invoking Ganapathy or Devi for the puja.
I want to offer my deepest gratitude to my Guru, and the Devi for bringing this awareness into me to perform this wonderful ritual.

Aum Sri Guru arpanamastu
Aum Sri Devi arpanamastu

Sri Gurubhyoh Namah:

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