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I couldnt help but publish this here….an excellent read.

IntelliBriefs: The hollow Army.


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The Ministry of Deadbeats (MoD)

When it comes to handing out justice for criminal negligence and incompetency, the first in line should be the MoD. We need to get rid of this cancer.

As a nation need to play as a team. It doesn’t seem to be in our culture to be team players, be it cricket or hockey..it is all about individuals.

The MoD has a huge responsibility… to make sure that the nations Armed services get their support in all aspects..be it procurement, salaries, pensions et al….they are supposed to be supportive, inclusive and enhance the might of the nations armed forces.     Wow !! what a concept.
Instead they have continuously undermined the armed forces and played truant to all efforts to modernize the forces.

Here is and excerpt from Mr. B Ramans article ( with your permission Mr.Raman):

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Bureaucratic Vacillation

The current procurement procedure, for instance, is so time-consuming and complex that it takes a minimum of 36 months even for a routine purchase to materialise. Every proposal is subjected to repeated reviews and approvals. Every approval means months of delays.

The case of the Tactical Communication System (TCS) is symptomatic of the malaise. A proposal to acquire TCS to handle communication requirements (voice, data and video) of a field force in the Tactical Battle Area was initiated in 1996. Initially, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) ordered that it be considered as an upgrade of the existing system.

In 2001, after wasting five years in processing it as such, MoD ordered that it should be considered a new procurement. Then, MoD approved import of the first two systems, with the rest to be produced in India with imported technology. The case was still under process when MoD changed its stand yet again in 2007 and decided that TCS would be developed indigenously.

Result: The whole process had to be started afresh. Nearly 16 years have elapsed, the MoD is yet to finalise who should be asked to develop and supply the TCS.

Can it get worse than this ?

If this is just the case of a small purchase like the TCS, what is happening to simple equipment like our body armor, helmets, assault rifles etc.  We don’t have an MBT ( screw the Arjun tank..the Army doesn’t want it..stop shoving that garbage in its face )..and ..stop this one sided propaganda at how good it is.  Stop going by what the bureaucrats tell you. Listen to people in the field.

The people expect the  journalists do some independent investigative reporting.

But it has only been to undermine the Armed forces !! Take the Mig-21 aircraft.  It was called the “Flying Coffin”. But ask any pilot..they love that beast. Yes it is unforgiving, but stop calling it a “Flying Coffin”.
Does  analysis show that we have more crashes than other major air forces in the world ? The MoD has a hand in here too ! Not until recently did we get a fighter trainer. The Kirans were woefully inadequate to train the pilots to graduate to the Migs. It is only now that we got the Hawks.

How many have talked to field units to understand why they wont accept the Arjun. Or why the LCA is not yet ready ?

Instead right now it is fashionable to gang up on the Army. Wait till there is another 26/11 or some such incident and everyone will clamor for the Army. Everyone was aghast as to why the NSG took almost 9 hours to reach the site.

Here is another classic of our bureaucracy ! The CMG had to go the PM’s residence ..yeah drive to his place to meet. Really ? Hear of secure cell phones dear minister ? Of course their families were safe..so what is the hurry. It took them 5 hours to decide to use the NSG. And of course the NSG has no aircraft of their own. So much for being the elite strike force that they are. Those poor guys had to requisition ( another time consuming procedure) the Air force and then the BEST ( Bombay’s elite transport company ) to reach the destination.

Why couldn’t a decision be made to requisition the Comm squadron(VIP transport aircraft)  to take them from NSG base to Delhi airport, get 4 civilian aircraft under emergency law and send them on their way ?

For crying out loud..the DEA in the US have their own aircraft !!

Hand this nation to these Babus, and we will be eating Rice noodles dished out by the Chinese Army within the next 5 years. You think I am being harsh ? Think about it.

1962 should never have happened. Thanks to that Pandit of all Babus ( Nehru).  In 1965 we should have finished off the Pak Army and the Air force so that they never venture into adventurism again. instead we gave them back the Haji Pir pass.

Kargil would never have happened. 26/11 would not have happened.

Why didnt we ? Thank our babus !

On the flip side…the media is  the nations check and balance…you must keep even this glorious institution(Armed Forces) in line. But independent research and investigative journalism should provide facts and thoughtful opinions instead of just beating the Armed forces down.

So I ask the NDTV’s and IBN’s of this world ? Care to scrape your collective brain cells to expose and drive/replace this MoD towards improvement/oblivion ?

Here is my idea..Defense Ministry should be headed by people “qualified” in Defence matters…..not by some anguta chaap because he won an election. Does he even have the brain power to understand what goes on in the Armed forces, while until recently he was only capable of worrying about which rival to take out so he can win the seat.

and for the likes of Arundhati Roy….put your money where your mouth is….instead of beating up our nations soldiers, use your anger and rage to set right the MoD.

Any Takers ?????

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